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Train the Trainer in Office Ergonomics

Humanscale’s Train the Trainer program in office ergonomics is offered as a one or two day course designed to enable individuals to make competent ergonomic assessments.

During the sessions you will:

Discover the link between workplace design, employee healthy and human performance

Identify and mitigate the postural risks associated with prolonged computer use

Apply ergonomics research to evaluate and configure key workstation components, including task seating & sit/stand applications

Recognize the potential cost savings associated with the implementation of a proactive ergonomics program

Understand the key components of successful ergonomic assessments

Develop advanced techniques for delivering employee education, affecting behavioral change and achieving postural improvement

Gain familiarity with the assessment process through several role play exercises and group activities

Learn to document your work and make cost effective workstation enhancements




COEE Technical Certification

Humanscale Consulting offers a technical certification in office ergonomics to those who are able to demonstrate proficiency on the ergonomic assessment process. Following formal training, an online examination is administered which is designed to evaluate several core competencies. The exam is organized into two sections, multiple choice questions and a mock workstation assessment. Attendees who achieve a passing score on the exam are awarded the designation ‘Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator’.


‘Clean Sweep’ Training and Assessment Program

Humanscale’s ‘Clean Sweep’ Training and Assessment Program in Office Ergonomics combines ergonomics training sessions with individualized workstation assessments. This approach has proven to be the most cost effective means of improving employee awareness of ergonomics while maximizing worker comfort and reducing injury risks. Three versions of the program are currently offered.


In this version, organizations can choose between formal sessions of ergonomics training or informal ‘cube to cube’ style trainings. Following training, our consultants will conduct an ergonomic assessment of each employee’s workstation. Adjustments are made to the existing equipment as necessary to mitigate postural risks. Workstation assessments require between 5-10 minutes per person. A meeting is typically held at the end of the assessment period to discuss site trends and improvement strategies.


Included in Basic Program

Office Ergonomics 101 Training

Workstation assessments for each employee


Our standard approach is expanded to include documentation and data analysis of all workstation assessments. A one-page checklist is completed for each employee that allows our consultants to record pre-assessment discomfort data, postural risk factors and existing equipment challenges. Each completed checklist is then entered into our web-based assessment tool and a comprehensive report is prepared that summarizes overall site trends and recommended follow-up steps for each employee. Workstation assessments require approximately 15 minutes per employee. In a full business day, each ergonomist is typically able to fit 20-25 employees.


Included in Standard Program

Office Ergonomics 101 Training

Workstation assessments for each employee

Documented assessments for each employee with recommendations for improvement plus a written report detailing site trends


Our advanced program extends our standard offering to include full program implementation. A more robust online pre-assessment survey is used to collect task and discomfort data. Following employee assessments, additional site visits are made to assist with, and oversee the implementation of workstation changes. Workstation images are taken pre and post intervention, and a post assessment survey is administered 4-6 weeks following the intervention in order to track progress. A full discomfort analysis is performed for each employee and employee feedback is collected to gauge the effectiveness of the overall program. This information is then presented in a final written report.

Included in Advanced Program

Office Ergonomics 101 Training

Workstation assessments for each employee

Documented assessments for each employee with recommendations for improvement plus a written report on site trends

Implementation assistance following workstation assessments to ensure workstation enhancements are properly installed and correctly utilized by employees

Administration of post assessment survey; discomfort analysis and feedback collection

Final report generation


Office Ergonomics 101: Working Pain and Risk Free

Ergonomics 101 is a one hour educational program designed to increase awareness of ergonomics among employees within your organization.  The course provides an introduction to ergonomics through an overview of major principles specific to office environments. The principles are then applied to workstation design and attendees are trained on how to properly configure their workstations to minimize musculoskeletal risks, maximize comfort, and increase productivity.

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Onsite Training & Assessment